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Preparation Is the KEY to Your Self-Defense

Preparation Is the KEY to Your Self-Defense

Urban and city statistics overwhelmingly support this; the question is has it already arrived in your neighbourhood, and will the next reported victim be you walking along that peaceful lane tonight? Each is a potential victim.

Self-defense is not all about waiting for it to happen, and if it does, being prepared to defend yourself and possibly your home. 

If you are frequently away from home, it would be wise to take some precautions to protect your house and household. If you plan to go overseas for a reasonable period, contact the Community Police Officer at your nearest police station and ask them if they could visit your home and make any recommendations on security and safety.

If you have a young family and are often in and out of the house, get a dog. If there is an emergency outside, tell them that you will call the Emergency Services.
For Your Physical Self-Defence Preparation -

Avoidance and awareness based on your instinct is your most valuable strategy to avoid getting hurt or killed.
"Stop!" "This place doesn't feel right, oops, and that angry hoodie who is approaching definitely isn't right"
"Part of the happiness of life consists not in fighting battles, but in avoiding them.

That weapon is the KNIFE, and it could be a flick knife, Stanley knife, kitchen knife, a hunting knife or Bowie, or a razor. It is a gruesome and gory weapon. A knife fight does not involve simply a few classic strokes that he flashes in front of you before he stabs you, no, it is a slashing, weaving, dodging, or stabbing movement of that knife until he sticks it into that vulnerable part of your body. The purpose of the knife is to kill.

There are approximately 1000 knife attacks per month in London. The most effective and most successful defense against an attacker with a knife is to "RUN" - you are no match against someone with a knife.
Before we look at the various ways of engaging in a knife fight, you might be asking what my personal experience with knife fights on the street has been.

Plus my interest in knife fighting grew as a result of my studies of Marc "Animal" MacYoung, who graphically introduced me through his videos and books of the various dangers of the street fighter with a knife. If you are very keen to learn more about knife fighting, then I recommend his books and/or disk.

Take my money, please, I have a young child, a little girl. Knife quote - "The Swiss have an interesting army. Ever see that little Swiss Army Knife they have to fight with? Not much of a weapon there, corkscrews, bottle openers... "

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